Caledonian Lodges of Scotland

Annual Gathering

21 September 2013

Hosted by Lodge Caledonian St John Royal Arch Campsie No 195

The meeting tyled in the Masonic halls, Regent Street, Kirkintilloch at 2:30pm

Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire entered the Lodge, headed on this occasion by their PGM Bro John  M. McCormack (a PM of Lodge 195 and was the WJW at the time of the first Gathering 31 years ago in Annan).

Thereafter the reigning Masters of the Caledonian Lodges were admitted. All visitors were welcomed to the Lodge and charged to extend Fraternal greetings on their return to their Mother Lodges.

There followed an excellent rendering of the E.A. degree on Mr Gordon Murray.

The Degree team was formed from the reigning Masters.


Lodge Dunlop Caledonia No 1408
Bro. Hugh B. Gilbert, Master


Lodge Caledonian St John Royal Arch No 195
Bro. Nigel Douglas Hutchins, Master

Signs and secrets

Lodge Caledonian No 238 (Annan)
Bro. Richard Mossop, Master


Lodge Motherwell Caledonian No 1228
Bro. Alan M. Nightingale, Master

North East Corner

Lodge Caledonian No 254 (Dundee)
Bro. Rev. David Taylor, Past Master

Working Tools


Mode and manner

The Caledonian Railway Lodge No 354
Bro. Colin Hutton, Master

Final Charge

Lodge Caledonian No 392 (Edinburgh)
Bro. John Brash, Master

After the conclusion of the Degree Bro. Murray was invited to remain in the Lodge so that he could witness the presentation to the Masters and the closing of the Lodge.

Each Bro. who participated in the Degree  (including Bro. Murray) was presented with a personalised Mallet as a memento of the occasion.

Lodge Motherwell Caledonian No 1228 will host the 2014 Gathering.

In the evening there was a Buffet/Disco attended by Brethren and their partners


Distinguished Service Diploma

At our regular meeting on the 15th April 2013 the Provincial Grand Master Bro Tom Davidson presented two of our past Masters with Distiguished service Diplomas.


The Past Masters were Bro. William Robert Stirling Secy. and Bro. William Allan Cowan.

During the ceremony the P.G.M Bro. Tom Davidson gave a resume of the years of service that each of the Brethren had given to the Lodge.

Images © David Bell


After the presentation of the Diplomas, an excellent rendering of a Second or Square Degree of Fellow Craft was conferred on one of our candidates by the RWM, Wardens and Office Bearers of our sister Lodge Murdostoun Castle No 1096.


The meeting was closed and the Brethren enjoyed Harmony in the large hall. Our thanks go to the familly of our Bro. Treasurer for their assistance in preparing and serving the meal.